Product Q&A

Q: Are there any side effects to Pet Wonder?

A: It’s an all natural product, and there are no side effects to giving them Pet Wonder. However, we don’t recommend you give Pet Wonder to a nursing animal, or if they have heart problems.

Q: I’ve given my pet some Pet Wonder for the last couple of days. I haven’t noticed any changes in mobility or energy levels.

A: Pet Wonder usually shows visible results in 2-3 weeks, provided the pet is given the recommended dosage on the bottle.

Q: My pet doesn’t seem to like pills, what’s the best way to give them Pet Wonder?

A: Our bovine capsules can be easily opened, and sprinkled onto your pet’s regular meals.

Q: How much Pet Wonder should I give my pet?

A: This depends on the weight of your animal, and a dosage chart is provided on the bottle.
5 - 25 lbs.: 1-2 caps per day
25 -5 0 lbs: 2 - 4 per day
50 - 75 lbs.: 3-6 caps per day
75+ lbs.: 4-7 caps per day

Q: How does Pet Wonder bring energy to my animal?

A: The squalus acanthius in Pet Wonder contains high levels of natural protein and natural chondroitin sulfate, providing natural energy.