Zoo Wonder is a specially designed completely natural product formula that contains three leading ingredients that address some of the ailments aging animals suffer from, including arthritic conditions, limited mobility and stamina, and pain, all while providing noticeable energy level increases.

The product is the same effective and natural formula as Pet Wonder for smaller animals, but packaged in a 535 gram bulk powder bottle for easier dosing, and even comes with a 5 gram measuring scoop. 

Zoo Wonder is classified as a food supplement and possess no side-effects. It is a safe, non-toxic, natural alternative to expensive and potentially damaging drugs currently used in the industry. The product is manufactured in a US licensed manufacturing facility with certified quality control.

The product has been used by several North American Zoos for many years, in particular with elephants and other large animals, and report tremendous success.

- Glucosamine Sulfate
- Chondroitin Sulfate
- Squalus Acanthias Cartilage

3 of the leading natural anti-inflammatory ingredients for dealing with arthritic conditions

In 1998 the product was initially introduced to equine athletes throughout North America that suffered from the wear and tear of horse racing, in particular, pulmonary bleeding. At that time it was called Super Sea Horse. Best results were observed after regular product application twice daily for a minimum of fifteen days, with a serving increase three days prior to competition. Not only was a reduction in pulmonary bleeding noted, but also a marked improvement in energy, stamina and race results. Focus shifted to the overall health of the horses, including retired race horses that began to benefit. In the early 2000’s a trainer at a California Zoo tried the product on an elephant that was suffering from arthritic conditions, and found tremendous 
success in revitalizing the animal.

Since that time, the product has been used on a wider range of large animals, such as elephants, giraffes, and large cats, in addressing arthritic ailments and joint problems, and that’s why now we call it Zoo Wonder. Over the past several years, more and more zoos and animal trainers have reported positive results from observing those arthritic animals using Zoo Wonder. Furthermore, results were often noticeable after two or three weeks in many cases. Zoo Wonder has now grown to be a standard natural food supplement in many North American zoos.

Glucosamine Sulfate 
is a naturally occurring amino sugar found naturally in the body and is an integral part of the “glue” which holds tissue cells together. It is also one of the biological chemicals that forms the major cushioning ingredients of the synovial fluids in the joints and surrounding tissues. By adding natural body ingredients such as glucosamine sulfate and protein back into the system, the mobility and cushioning of arthritic joints is enhanced. 

Chondroitin Sulfate 
is the key part of the proteoglycans, a key component of natural body cartilage. The development of excess free radicals can trigger the release of damaging enzymes which break cartilage down as well as inhibit the body’s natural production of proteoglycans. They may also block the transport of much needed nutrients to the damaged cartilage. Excess free radicals are caused by infection, diet and general wear and tear. By reintroducing Chondroitin Sulfate into the body, the release of these damaging enzymes can be inhibited. Taking additional Chondroitin Sulfate may aid in restoring the normal chondrocyte metabolism, and thus may help stop breakdown of cartilage.

Squalus Acanthius (S. Acanthius) 
is an excellent source of natural protein, the essential ingredient for repair and maintenance of damaged body tissues suffered from the wear and tear of everyday activities. Protein helps in the formation of the skin, hair, connective tissue and the nervous system, and is necessary for the development of muscle strength and stamina in larger animals. S. Acanthius is also an excellent natural source of mucopolysaccharides which ensure blood vessel elasticity and haemoglobin production, thus ensuring proper oxygen transport throughout the vascular system. 

Abundant natural carbohydrates found in S. Acanthius serve as additional readily available energy, similar to pasta carbohydrate loading employed by human athletes. 

S. Acanthius contains approximately 8-15% natural chondroitin sulfate, raising the overall product content of this powerful ingredient. Natural chondroitin sulfate has smaller molecules which are broken down and digested more easily than traditional chondroitin sulfate.

Squalus Acanthius 
is often referred to as Shark Cartilage, but is the formal name for the Spiny Dogfish Shark. It is completely different from endangered shark species. Some customers ask about using spiny dogfish shark cartilage, and if it is derrived from endangered sharks. The answer is no. S. Acanthius, is caught incidently by fishermen around the world. No endangered sharks are being hunted for what is commonly referred to as “shark cartilage” and the raw supply of S. Acanthius is plentiful in world inventories.

As the Zoo Wonder product is being further distributed, more zoos, stables, and other end users are starting to expand their use of this natural product on a wider range of animals. Results are strong and noticeable. It’s sister product Pet Wonder is our best selling product and is helping dogs and cats throughout North America. For more information about how Zoo Wonder could help improve the well-being of your animals, and save in health maintenance costs, contact us today.

  • Zoo Wonder comes in a 500 gram bottle with a 5 gram measuring scoop. 
    The effects of Zoo Wonder have been reported be noticed within 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Some of our customers have been using the product for almost 20 years. They report complete satisfaction with the product and highly recommend starting animals on the product earlier than later in arthritis prevention.

  • They also report a maintenance of energy levels.

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Pet Wonder Products Ltd., (which produces Zoo Wonder in the USA under the subsidiary PWZW USA Ltd.), in addition to Pet Wonder, has been developing natural products for animals and humans for more than 20 years. These completely natural formulas work on animals of any size, from small cats to elephants and the results not only are noticeable in the animals’ well-being, but also in the energy to owners and trainers. Our company is committed to what we consider the best formula, with the best quality ingredients, and produced in top rated USA facilities with certified quality control. The success stories about what Pet Wonder and Zoo Wonder are doing for pets and animals come to us regularly. I truly believe in this product and know it makes a positive difference in animal’s lives.

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